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Sportsmeet 2018 : filling the boxes with ticks


Thursday 11th was recorded as an unusual day in the history of Zahira. It was the second day of the sports meet 2018. Cheerings were replaced with silence. Because students were studying inside the classrooms and they weren’t allowed to breathe the typical fun of sports meet. A day which is different from the usual sports meets scenarios.

And also I noticed two girls whose ages are respectively 12 and 16 were crying. But the reason behind their tears had a vast contrast.  One was crying as she lost the game and she was against her fatal and it would effect her mates. The reason behind the next one’s tears was she won the game against the opponent who was her best friend. Two main purposes of the sports meet are bringing out the talents and developing the virtues. In my view, sports meet 2018 already has been started to fill the purpose list with ticks.

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Shabeena Liyaudeen
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This blog represents the Zahira community

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