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The global need for Passionate Islamic Bankers

In today’s world economic context, the Islamic banking and finance industry is the only sector which has recorded positive double digit growth over the decades amid the continuing global financial crisis. Many surveys and experts claim that we need qualified professional Islamic bankers to drive the existing and new Islamic Finance Institutions (IFIs) worldwide. But we also need people who are...

Sweet Solitude

As young adults facing everyday stresses of college, family obligations and other personal issues depression affects us all and it is during this time our iman is called into question. How much can we rely on Allah during the most difficult moments of our lives? All the ayat and quotes we read about putting our trust in Allah seem meaningless at the times when they should help us the most. On...

Like o Mania

  When was the last time you checked your countless social media apps to see the number of likes and shares for your post? Just a minute ago or within the last hour? Since the growing popularity of social media a decade back, like-o-mania has affected many individuals. This is when we write and share posts, create pages and groups and spend quality time – all to fame in the virtual world of...

This blog represents the Zahira community

Zahirians Speak is a platform for all those enthusiastic Zahirians and Teachers out there who are indulging and capable of bringing words together to form undeniable content.

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